Mister Coffee Robusta (500g)

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Robusta Coffee Bean & Ground Coffee by Mister Coffee. Taste Note: Strong and bitter with a chocolate note and strong aftertaste Acidity: Body: ★★★★ Bitterness: ★★★★★ Robusta coffee bean is the second largest produced coffee bean in the world. It takes up to around 25% of the world’s coffee production and consumption. The Robusta plant is more robust and better able to resist disease. It is also better at tolerating warmer climates with temperatures of 75 -85° Fahrenheit and does not require steep slopes or high altitudes to grow. Additionally, it produces a significantly higher yield per plant compared to Arabica. Robusta is believed to contain higher caffeine as compared to Arabica coffee. Generally, it is bitter with a taste like burnt rubber. It also lacks the fruity or nutty tones, thus making it undesirable for specialty coffee. The story of Mister Coffee began in 1982 when we started to source for the best coffee bean around the world. We strongly believe that the key to producing the best cup of coffee lay greatly in the coffee bean roasting and sourcing of green coffee bean. We import the best quality coffee bean that is selected through a stringent process from more than 25 countries and regions. We then create the Unique Coffee Blends and Roast Profiles to bring out the SWEET SPOT and the full flavour of each coffee bean with our signature blend.



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