Return & Refund Policy

Refund, Return, and Exchange Policies

  1. Introduction: At, our marketplace serves as a platform connecting buyers and sellers in Brunei. We would like to emphasize that each seller on our platform has their own unique Refund, Return, and Exchange Policies. It is important to understand that acts solely as a facilitator and does not assume responsibility for these policies. Therefore, we encourage all buyers and sellers to carefully review and understand the specific refund, return, and exchange policies set forth by each individual seller before making a purchase.
  2. Seller Policies: Refund Policy: Each seller on is responsible for establishing their own refund policy. This policy outlines the conditions and procedures for issuing refunds to buyers in case of order cancellations, product dissatisfaction, or other applicable circumstances. Buyers should review the seller's refund policy before making a purchase to ensure they understand the terms and conditions regarding refunds.
  3. Return Policy: Similarly, each seller is responsible for defining their own return policy. This policy specifies the conditions under which a buyer can return a purchased item to the seller, such as product defects, wrong item delivered, or size/fit issues. Buyers are advised to carefully review the seller's return policy to understand the requirements and procedures for initiating a return.
  4. Exchange Policy: Sellers are also responsible for establishing their own exchange policy, if applicable. This policy outlines the conditions and procedures for exchanging purchased items with the seller, such as size exchanges or product replacements. Buyers should refer to the seller's exchange policy for information regarding eligibility, timelines, and any associated costs or requirements.
  5. Communication and Disputes: In the event of any issues or disputes related to refunds, returns, or exchanges, buyers are encouraged to directly communicate with the respective seller. It is recommended that buyers maintain open and transparent communication with sellers to resolve any concerns or seek clarification regarding the seller's policies.
  6. Seller Transparency: strives to promote transparency and fairness within our marketplace. Therefore, sellers are strongly encouraged to clearly communicate their refund, return, and exchange policies to buyers in a prominent and easily accessible manner. Sellers should provide detailed information about their policies on their store pages or product listings, ensuring that buyers are well-informed before making a purchase.
  7. Limited Liability: Please note that is not liable for any issues arising from refunds, returns, or exchanges between buyers and sellers. Our role is limited to providing a platform for sellers to connect with buyers and facilitating the transaction process. Consequently, any disputes or disagreements between buyers and sellers regarding refund, return, or exchange policies should be resolved directly between the parties involved.

It is essential for both buyers and sellers to understand and respect these policies to maintain a fair and positive marketplace experience on