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  1. Double-blade three-dimensional crushing SUS304 stainless steel four-page cutter head made with food grade electrolysis technology, it is durable and has excellent stirring ability, which allows pulp to be crushed quickly without losing dietary fiber, and has a delicate and soft flavor18000/Min.
  2. The mini blender is as easy to carry as a water bottle that can hold 380Ml of juice, beautiful in appearance and easy to carry.After juicing, you can replace the bottom with a lid and remove it directly.It is suitable for home, work, school or travel.
  3. Worry-free cleaning adopts strict waterproof structure design, which can be directly washed by the whole machine.



Dimensions: 23.5*7.8cm

Product capacity: 380Ml

Battery: 74V-1400mAh battery

Rated power: 50W

Weight: 380g (error about 5g)

Material: silicone + metal

Colour: Blue/pink


Matters needing attention

  1. When mixing, the material should not be excessive each time, because the concentration during anti-mixing is high, the effect is not good, and even the machine may get stuck
  2. When using, the juicer/mixer should be laid flat on the workbench and operated in accordance with the above requirements
  3. When juice extraction is used, it is necessary to regularly check the juice tank.The juice or fruit residue inside the fruit residue tank is too full.If it is too full, please cut off the power first, clean it, and then use it again.
  4. During use, do not open the cup lid.When the power is not cut off, please do not put your hands or other tools into the juice cup or juice feeding port, otherwise injury, accident or machine damage may occur.
  5. Please do not leave when using and do not let children close




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