Reuseable Kitchen Towel Coloured

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  • A multi-purpose non-woven cleaning fabric that is eco-friendly.

  • Introducing a kitchen towel that can not only help you with cleaning, but can also help the environment. We are happy to offer you the eco-friendly Kitchen Towel.

  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen Towel is a multi-purpose non-woven fabric that is perfect in helping you thoroughly clean your kitchen area. He is very Absorbent. It has extra-strong wipes that make it durable. It is perfect for cleaning and cleaning dust, grease, oils, spills, leakage, water and other bacteria causing dirt inside and outside your home. It is perfect for polishing cars, countertops, appliances, furniture, shoes, computers and other electronics.

  • Eco-friendly kitchen towel is reusable and long lasting. It can be used again and again for at least 20 times, saving your money and environment friendly. It's easy to use just rinse, air dry and reuse. If you're willing to throw it, just throw it in the trash.

  • Soft, will not scratch the surface of plate, bowl, window, table, etc.

  • Wet and dry dual-use, it is a good helper for home life and public places.

  • You can use it as disposable rags or reuse for multiple times.

  • Material: non-woven.

  • Size: about 30x20cm

  • Quantity: 50pc per roll

  • Application: all kinds of kitchenware, utensils, floor, automobile, home appliances, ceramic tile, glass, leather shoes, etc.


colours - reuseable kitchen towel


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